Our next litter (Alice & Rush) is planned for early 2017 with pups leaving for their new homes in the spring.
If you are interested in a Hannibal pup, please familiarize yourself with our Adoption Process.

In 1977 Peter Maniate and his late wife, Maribeth, started breeding Canada’s giant native dog at their first home on Hannibal Road in Burlington, Ontario. Subsequently the breeding operation was moved to Mississauga in 1980, to Little Britain in 1989, to Lindsay in 2005, and finally, in May, 2016, to Sunderland, Ontario. With this last move Peter was thrilled to welcome Shel Munro as his partner in Hannibal Kennels.


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Our Breeding Priorities

To main­tain the sweet dis­pos­i­tion that is the hall­mark of the New­found­land Dog. To pro­duce sound, long liv­ing dogs, free of major genetic faults, that are cap­able of per­form­ing the tra­di­tional work of the breed as draft dogs, water res­cue dogs and as com­pan­ions and pro­tect­ors of chil­dren. To pro­duce lit­ters such that each and every dog is in reas­on­able con­form­ity with the breed stand­ard of the Cana­dian Ken­nel Club.

Peter Mani­ate, Breeder/Author

An avid writer, Peter has been writ­ing a bi-monthly column on dog cart­ing since 1979 for the Newf News. These columns have been re-printed in other dog magazines around the world. Peter also wrote two fea­ture art­icles for Dogs in Canada magazine along with a reg­u­lar column on New­found­land dogs from 1996 to the final issue of the magazine in Decem­ber, 2011. The column on New­found­land dogs entitled Breed­lines is cur­rently being pub­lished in the Newf News.

  • New­found­land Dog Club of Canada (life mem­ber, past president)
  • Cana­dian Ken­nel Club (life mem­ber, draft dog test judge)
  • South East­ern Ontario Region New­found­land Dog Club of Canada (found­ing member)
  • Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club
  • New­found­land Club of America
  • Vic­toria County Ken­nel Club
  • Newf Res­cue Canada
  • Newf Friends New­found­land Dog Rescue

Shel Munro, Breeder/Photographer

Shel has been actively associated with Peter’s breeding program for many years and has done everything in the kennel operations from selecting future potential brood bitches to saving newborn pups even when the vets would give no hope. Shel’s web design and photographic skills nicely complement Peter’s writing abilities.

  • New­found­land Dog Club of Canada
  • Cana­dian Ken­nel Club
  • South East­ern Ontario Region New­found­land Dog Club of Canada
  • Central Ontario Newfoundland Dog Club
  • New­found­land Club of America


On May 7, 2016, Hannibal Kennels moved to Sunderland, Ontario. The kennel sits on ten private acres adjacent to the Trans Canada Trail. The Newfs have a large fenced yard for play, and enjoy walks along the trail.

We are located approximately 100 km (90 minutes) northeast of the heart of Toronto.