Hannibal Guarantee

Hannibal Kennels guarantee for Newfoundland Dog

Adopting a Newf 

Process for adopting a Hannibal Newfoundland from within southern Ontario (within five hours from Hannibal Kennels)

Preparing for Your Newfoundland Pup

Recommended advance preparation prior to welcoming your Newfoundland pup

Approved Food List

A list of foods that keep the soundness and minimum life expectancy guarantees in effect

Grooming Supplies

Essential grooming, leash and collar supplies for your Hannibal Newfoundland

Outdoor Pen

A few reasons why a pen is required for Hannibal Newf less than eight months of age

Calf Hutch

Method of installing a calf hutch for use as a doghouse

Doghouse Plans

Plans for a doghouse for 1-3 Newfoundlands – Summer/Winter