Calf Hutch for a Doghouse

Calf hutches can be purchased from a variety of farm supply stores. The calf hutch shown on this page is made by Agri-Plastics and was purchased from the Sunderland Co-op – (705) 357-3491.  Keep in mind, having an outdoor pen for your Newf does not mean your Newf has to be an outdoor dog.  If you have any questions, please contact Peter at (705) 328-2382.


Level a 7-foot by 9-foot by 1-foot deep depression for the base of the calf hutch. Create a small mound in the middle, level the interior perimeter.

Calf Hutch - Ground Levelled

Ground levelled

Place two 6-foot by 4-foot stall mats (a.k.a. cow mats) across the raised mound. Spray with hose to ensure good drainage. If water pools, adjust accordingly.

Calf Hutch - Stall Mats

Stall mats in place with good drainage

Position calf hutch on stall mats.

Calf Hutch - Calf Hutch in Place

Calf hutch positioned on stall mats

Backfill with gravel. This will secure the calf hutch and prevent it from shifting in high winds.

Calf Hutch - Backfilled

Backfilled with gravel


Side access port increases summer ventilation, and can be closed to keep snow out.

Calf Hutch - Ventilation

Side access port Ventilation

Rotating rear vent and sliding top vent.

Calf Hutch - Vents

Rear and top vents