Outdoor Pen for Newfoundland Pup

Below are a few reasons why a pen is required for Hannibal Newf less than eight months of age.  Keep in mind, having an outdoor pen for your Newf does not mean your Newf has to be an outdoor dog.  If you have any questions, please contact Peter at (705) 328-2382.

If your pup is left in a pen:

  • House training is made easier and less stressful for both pups and humans; need for training for bowel movements is virtually eliminated when combined with feeding in pen.
  • they will have freedom of movement and be able to run about and stretch their legs,
  • they will have stimulation – they will be able to watch the squirrel and birds, smell the different scents, hear the neighbourhood sounds, experience the weather and feel the breeze ruffle their coats,
  • they will be able to piddle/poop in an appropriate area,
  • they could be left with a treat, such as a bone (raw or smoked), frozen fish, or stuffed Kong toy, or other appropriate chew items/toys and be prevented from further damaging your possessions or worse, ingesting something that could harm them,
  • once trained to only relieve themselves in the kennel, your yard/grass will be free of feces and brown urine spots,
  • when a Newf has diarrhea they could be left in the kennel when you are not available to play doorman – diarrhea is also easier to clean from a gravel kennel than a grassy yard or a carpet,
  • if you cannot closely supervise your Newfs (e.g. when doing renovations or if non-dog people visiting) you could put them in the pen and they would be safe, out of harm’s way, and yet comfortable and happy,
  • if you found yourself having to be away from home unexpectedly for an extended period of time (i.e. a family emergency) your Newfs could be left in the pen with water and they would be safe and comfortable – imagine having to leave them in crates or loose in your home for 12-24 hours without supervision,
  • a crushed stone base in the pen will keep your Newfs clean in the spring when mud is everywhere,
  • when the ground is frozen your Newfs will not create a piddle river that almost always runs directly to one foot (resulting in what we fondly refer to as “pee-toes”),
  • if there was ever a fire in your home while you were away your Newfs would be safe in their pen.
  • If you are concerned about safety in a pen, those concerns can be put at ease with a combination padlock. If pen is locked than they won’t be able to escape and neighbourhood children won’t be able to let them out to play (forgetting to put them back in the pen).